Selling lemonade on her street corner in a small town in Maine, even as the bright-eyed, pigtailed, beverage mogul, Renae Madore has always had that entrepreneurial spirit.  She began her career as an Elementary School teacher, which afforded her time to pursue other job opportunities ranging from television and film, the medical field, and internet marketing, to jewelry manufacturing, direct sales, and a multitude of other industries both creative and technical.

As a direct sales consultant, Renae was initially out of her comfort zone, but before her first fiscal year ended, she had successfully developed and honed the skills of resilience and persistence, enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, unwavering discipline, and relationship-building—that ability to turn even a rejection into a referral, certain to become a client somewhere down the road that ultimately leads to success.

Renae has an extraordinarily clear and specific vision of how to grow her client’s business. Her superior customer engagement, tenacity and drive have resulted in building a clientele that is based in southern California, but extends across the continent, to the far northeast corner of the United States.

For several years, Renae, an expert in internet-marketing, has served as a small business, social media specialist, managing and overseeing the vast network that includes both online marketing and advertising, exploiting all aspects of the social media marketing roadmap.

From creating the applicable algorithms and building out the initial infrastructure as a means for capturing relevant website traffic to monitoring the daily, weekly, monthly and annual revenue and performance results and strategically applying that plethora of quantifiable empirical data in order to make real-time adjustments and create new paradigms for each campaign she spearheads, as a tried and true social media expert, Renae prides herself on taking her client’s business to that next level.